Lazy Bones Dog Grooming Spa

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Spa Services

Prices for grooming vary based upon your dogs breed, type of coat, and coat condition.  A full groom includes nail trim, pad shave, ear cleaning, bath/dry, and trim.  We do offer services a la carte if a full groom is not needed. 

Nail trimming


​tooth brushing
de-shedding service
ear cleaning, etc.*

*we do not express anal glands as a part of our grooming service

First visit:

1. We will need proof of vaccinations, either a copy from your vet or your vet may email us the form:

2. There is a form you will need to fill out that gives us some information about your dog.

3. Please feel free to bring a photo or provide any pictures of  your dog or a groomed dog that will give us a better idea of  what type of look you would like for your dog.  We can then give you an idea of what we can provide for your dog.